Introducing Fashion Designer Lamont Antwan

Here to welcome you a new Fashion Designer LAMONT ANTWAN~Answering a few questions from SBS regarding his Designs and Inspiration in fashion.

STYLED BY SAM: What inspired you to create this line?

LAMONT ANTWAN: What inspired my clothing line actually was a book I wrote titled “Just Thoughts Free Art”. I wanted to bring life from the book in different ways. I took titles, expressions and emotions from my book to create this line.

STYLED BY SAM: Where does this amazing Logo come from?

LAMONT ANTWAN: The logo comes from my pen name Twa BlackHeart- It means strength of the heart. It looks vicious because it’s the protector when I’m weak. When I get down on myself and feel like I can’t go on, my black-heart gives me strength. It basically protects me from myself. It’s like protecting your riches, you won’t have a poodle guard your gold.

STYLED BY SAM: How did this creation all start?

LAMONT ANTWAN: This all started when I moved from Harlem to Miami. I was modeling and acting out in Miami. I was in a brand new environment and I didn’t have any family or friends in the area. I moved on my own and I didn’t know the affects that would bring. Things started to get rough for me when all my time was consumed with work. One day I went to F.I.U (Florida International University) and they were having a open mic night. The people who spoke moved me in a way that I wanted to write. The next morning I wrote my first piece in the shower, it only took 20 minutes. The piece was titled “New Blue River”. Ever since then I followed that motto~

Here (Styled By Sam) sporting some of the designs


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