FALL 2013 MENSWEAR Giorgio Armani

FALL 2013 MENSWEAR Giorgio Armani YVL_7405.450x675 YVL_7424.450x675 YVL_7433.450x675 YVL_7444.450x675 YVL_7462.450x675 YVL_7472.450x675 YVL_7584.450x675 YVL_7594.450x675 YVL_7650.450x675 YVL_7374.450x675




Giorgio Armani often titles his collections with a cryptic little something. His latest, The Men’s Project, was one of his most allusive, evoking the quest for an answer to the second most pressing question of our age: What maketh a man? (The firstis, of course, What do women want?) The collection offered a 74-outfit treatise on the subject, covering everything from soldier to poet, banker to hoodie, romantic to realist, some of them in the same outfit. Hence, a brocade waistcoat and claret velvet trousers paired with a polo shirt and double-breasted gray flannel; or a cavalry jacket and drawstring pants under a shearling coat. Outré though they sound, the casual confidence of the combinations made themreal in Armani’s signature fantasy-resistant mode.

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