My Leather For Fall 2012

Leather is one of the hottest fall 2012 fashion trends, and not only in accessories.  You can pretty much wear a leather jacket with anything and look stylish.  I especially love leather garments combined with light, silk fabrics,  romantic florals, and classic, streamlined cuts.   With the plethora of options showing up on the runways and in-stores, (metallics, laser-cuts, colors, and trimmings) there’s a leather investment piece out there for everyone.  Leather is so versatile this season it can be paired with lace, or spiked boots.  For those who like leather but are daunted by the thought of larger, leather garments – the fabric lends itself perfectly to accessories. The number of designers who featured stylish leather gloves in their collections was limitless, and the options of leather accessories out there are plentiful – from satchels to wallets to mobile phone cases

Notes on Leather:
1. always avoid patent leather; which can definitely look more dominatrix than trendy diva.
2. avoid pairing your leather dress with tall leather boots
3. leather can sometimes be unflattering and may not go well with your shape, so be sure before you leave that fitting room that you look good in it.
4. Leather should be solid and chic but also lightweight and easy to move in.
5. Men…stick to the jacket, coat, and accessories  (unless you are a rapper or a cowboy)

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