Latin Music By: Carlos G. Marin Global Traxxx

          Our interview with Carlos G. Marin from


 SBS: What’s a day in the life of Carlos G. Marin like?

CGM: A day looking forward to be the best and to be the most successful in everything that you put your mind into. A day where you believe in being positive and knowing that hard work pays off in the long run.

          SBS: What do you love about your career?

          CGM: Expressing myself freely is what I love the most about my career, being able to tell people who I am and being appreciated by it, without creating a false image on myself.

          SBS: How does Music inspire you?

          CGM: Music inspires me to make my dreams come true, for example in a song. Being able to tell a dream, creating a format, telling it to people and if I want a clearer view, I’ll make a music video of it. Music also gives me the opportunity to wander in my own zone and to study the beauty and the creativity of it.

          SBS: Is Music a part of your fashion interest?

          CGM: In a way yes, since I love so many different types of genres, such as; Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin, Rock, House, Romantic, classical and pop, I’m able to combine all  in one in creating my own style, no matter how old or new the style is.

          SBS: What are your favorite Styles?

          CGM: I like the punk, skateboarder, and classy style. Wearing my converse, with my fitted jeans, dressy vest, t-shirts with crazy designs and my fedora hats

          SBS: How do you feel when you get on stage

          CGM: When I’m on stage I put all my fears aside, put my mind on blank and relieve myself by putting a great performance. I also feel like is my opportunity to show everyone who I am, how I am and to make my best impression.


 Check out some videos and be a social bee with Global Traxxx, find out when they perform what there doing and where they will be next!!    

GLOBAL TRAXXX- Me desespero





Photography Masted By: Jose E. Ceballos

Carl Louis Jacques

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7 thoughts on “Latin Music By: Carlos G. Marin Global Traxxx”

  1. This seems pretty awesome I like the Music Videos. The pix are pretty great also Good Job CGM

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