Pastal Your Wardrobe

The outfits above by Phillip Lim (S/S 2012 collection) are amongst the most representative of the new trend in favor of mixing pastel colors…I would call it a kind of pastel color-block.  All very delicate and flattering, though not to everyone, in my view.  It is commonly said older ladies should wear lots of pastel shades, for they are supposed to soften (the wrinkles and lines, I guess) giving an overall subdued image.  I don’t quite agree, as I think it’s mostly a matter of skin color.  I think you should avoid them unless you have a slightly tanned complexion and skin..  I’ll enlarge on that… Though pastels are traditionally for babies, they don’t go that well with their mostly ruddy complexions.  One of my friends That is a teacher at fashion school used to say babies should be dressed in BLACK, and I agree with her, ignoring the “purity” idea usually attached to the recently-born.  So, go for pastels if you like them, remembering, however, to put a bit of “tan” on your body and face.

The above (Jil Sander S/S 2011) is a sort of pastel in a more definite hue (though it belongs to last summer’s color-block issue) and I find the match very exciting.  Strong contrasts are a way to show one’s individuality in mixing shades to create an impact (without overdoing accessories and jewelry, of course, but then refined simplicity seems to be making a comeback).

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