Exclusive Tom Ford On Makeup

 From my personal experience Tom Ford Is sure one of my inspirations in this Industry. His lines are just clean and collective very Chic and versatile, I cant say that I can compare his Makeup Line to many there’s Just something Unique about this line as well as a great texture feel on the skin.

Here is what STYLE.COM had to say: After months of buzz and a few truly swoon-worthy capsule collections, Tom Ford’s full cosmetics range hit shelves exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman this week. And we don’t use the word “full” lightly: While Ford has dabbled in lipsticks and nail lacquers for one-offs and limited-edition Fashion’s Night Out promotions, he’s pulled out all of the stops for his latest launch, lending his design talent to four general categories: color, contouring, skincare, and scent. His color range includes blushes, lip glosses, nail lacquers, eye shadow quads, and the Noir Absolute for Eyes, a multitasking black pigment that can be worn as a shadow or a liner. The highlight of the contouring offerings is Shade and Illuminate, a duo of creamy pigments that add definition and highlights. And as for skincare, he’s devised two cleansers, two moisturizers, an eye cream, a serum, and an Illuminating Protective Primer with SPF 32. Known for his fragrances, Ford has also created two new scents: Santal Blush, a sheer sandalwood eau meant to represent the line’s nude tones, and Jasmine Rouge, a red-bottled homage to the white flower that speaks to the collection’s richer tones. The designer was in New York to present the line at Bergdorf Goodman’s newly erected Tom Ford Beauty counter, which is where we had the pleasure of catching up with him. Here, he talks favorites and why the next beauty frontier just might be makeup for men.

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