“Meet Alex Boyd Artist & Fashion Icon”

How I discovered Alex Boyd was actually through a friend named Larry Campbell who works at Jive Records, He was determined that I go to his office to hear this Music. I honestly feel In love with it the minute I heard it, the Inspiration and Tone of the music was indescribable It definitely Moved me just hearing something real!! So today I would Like to introduce to you guys one of my Idols ALEX  BOYD

Alex Boyd was about 10 years old when he decided to follow

his dreams. He’d been singing and performing since the age of 7, and by 13

Alex had chased down opportunities most kids would never even

dream of — he danced with Debbie Allen at the Kennedy Center, sang with Patti

LaBelle and acted alongside Bruce Willis.

The key to unlocking his true creativity was Andy Rose, the producer who’s been Boyd’s right-hand man since 2008. Rose convinced Boyd to ditch the electro-pop songs he’d been singing which had racked up almost a million hits on his MySpace and follow his always reliable old-soul. “The first records I ever made were old Chet Baker and Sinatra jazz standards,” he says (his favorite singers are still Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway). “Even when I was studying opera, I wanted to be Harry Connick Jr.”

During a jam session with Rose, Alex sang off the top of his head, “The way you shine so bright, girl you could be my lighthouse.” And that was his light-bulb moment. The two slaved over the track, which would become “Light Up Tonight,” Alex’s first major release from his upcoming album.

Love — losing it, finding it, learning to live with and without it — is a recurring theme on Commit Me. “Snap” is about a split Boyd initiated and immediately regretted as the worst mistake of his life. “She had me at the snap of her fingers, and literally I would have dropped everything for her at that time. Nothing else mattered,” he says of the uptempo track, which comes with an irresistible horn section. Common, the album’s lone guest, throws a rhyme on “Between the Lines,” an introspective song about self betrayal and misunderstanding Boyd wrote nearly 8 years ago. “I remember being in tears at the bottom of a wine bottle with a wet piece of paper and a pen, scribbling out lyrics. I was facing intimidating questions about whether or not I was the person I thought I had been raised to be, or if I was even capable of being that person at all.

Take a Peek into Light Up Tonight


Here are a few things we got out of Alex while talking about a few fashion thoughts.

SBS: Alex what are your Fashion favorites/ Inspiration and styles?

ALEX: I call my style Gaudy-Chic. It consists of finely tailored Europeans style suits, with accents of gold in the Cuff links, Tie clips, watches, collar stays, etc. Any accents or accessories are shiny gold. No stones. Gold glasses. Anything gold, worn enough to push the limit of what many would call Gaudy… But because of its tasteful application… Is seen as chic. And the suits… Always black, of course.

Here are a Few Links with Music, Social Entertainment and Future Performances From Alex Boyd

Follow Him On Twitter: @alexboydmusic


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