Got To Have Pieces

Sometimes we buy so much jewlery not knowing whats diffrent versatile or exquisite When What we should be doing is Not matching all of our outfits with jewelry then we just look average as apose to a manikin  in the department store Which is rarely ever wearing anything that matches and where we normally get our ideas for ”I got to have that” but yet We still add the matching color earring and bracelets then look overdone.  So here are A few pieces I chose to add to my wardrobe and think you should as well  Just ad a few odd styles and you’ll definitely be the one everyone is amused with…. These were all inspired By H&M..F21..Henry Bendel  Affordable and classic is was matters.

2 thoughts on “Got To Have Pieces”

  1. Hi Reading this post, very True i buy so many little things and yet nothing ever looks diffrent i find myself layering everything together then i look like a train reck where can i get simple affordable jewlery like this ?
    xo mary

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