When All Else Fails


Its determined that there is definitely a misconception  people have when they see Fairies at the Fashion workshop Theres always assumptions that we all are Beautiful, Fit, well Dressed and have Great salaries.
Just a bit of reality bring over the Starbucks and let’s get to work the Fashion workshop has no Santa with a deadline based once a year the deadlines are everyday, the beauty comes from within having to deal with a large public community daily  Always dressed? well imagine if we Wernt how else can we define a look for anyone “You have to be one to know one” And salaries well the first few years look forward to making friends and clients before expecting they unexpected you will be running around at odd hours of the day sewing,steaming,folding,labeling,trimming and organizing everything before you can say goodnight So my Modo for the Industry is “When Everything Else Fails Look Cute” Because honestly there is no other way.

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