How to accentuates our attributes

Let Me start off with  saying this is for every body shape and size just some advice ive been looking up to for few years now.

How to accentuates our attributes…. Well basic information here were gonna start out  with looking in the mirror, look close  don’t worry it’s just you… now think  as if you can change one part of your body what part will it be? Imagine  all the of the colors styles and textures you love seeing on other people but to afraid to wear yourself…. Now that one area that you would like to change can be concealed just by getting the right pieces around it .. Say you have nice curves but big hips we will conceal them by simply wearing darker colors on the lower half and fitted bright on the upper half. If you are bigger on top reverse the colors as in darker on top and brighter and fitted on the bottom. For those who are male you can take this same advice as well but for you we will need to have fitted all the way around because once the blazer hits the hips it’s not flattering anymore and makes you look like you have gained a few Lb’z as well as for the males who like to wear baggy jeans and baggy shirts let me spare you a thought baggy jeans beyond one extra size then what you wear will make you appear shorter and thicker hips wise ,baggy shirts are never a good idea always fit your clothing not only to look thinner but to appear more with a clean-cut and organized attitude.. Okay guys gota to bed now here are a few pix to give u a better idea mmmmwah xoxo sami

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